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When leading by example it determines who I am. Whether it is a leader that leads or a boss that drives. While walking into unknown places, it only challenges me to greater opportunities; to learn more, gain knowledge, and see greatness in this leadership role.

With bravery, I challenge my own potential that opens possibilities that exist within to only believe I am capable, able, and it’s do able….When my work is done down here, I know that I have fulfilled my dreams, purpose, and destiny. I can’t worry about the naysayers or the doubting Thomas’s. I was brought in this world to add happiness to the lives of others and to see a better life for them and their families.
How many individuals hurt ourselves, one take resources to stop themselves from moving into the next level. When asking people for help that don’t fit into your life cause distractions. The difference between a leader and a boss, a leader leads and a boss drives.

I am built to lead and to help others find their confidence that would lead them to finding their happiness and potential. This is me, this is who I am.

Dr. April Glasco

Join Us For the 3rd Annual

National Day Of Celebrating Your Second Chance

We are pleased to announce The 2nd Annual National Day of Celebrating Your Second Chance!

A Celebration in the month of March 2020, This event will make a major difference in your community.

This event will consist of local businesses, churches organizations and guest speakers, musical entertainment, workshops, food vendors, and raffles.

If you would like to host or become a sponsor please contact April Glasco @ 941-360-8660

Please submit your

  • – Name
  • – Address
  • – Phone number
  • – Business Name
  • – Website and social media page
  • – Email



Sponsors & Partners

We appreciate all the ways our business and community partners come together to bring change to children and families in need.