I Got A Second Chance

April Glasco, Founder and CEO of Second Chance Last Opportunity, Inc., located in Sarasota, Florida is proud to unveil a new tagline and logo called “I Got A Second Chance” for Second Chance Last Opportunity.  April and her four daughters travel from city to city and state to state sharing their message of hope and the ability to change one’s life.  The new tagline and logo clearly demonstrates a life -changing experience for an individual that wants to rebuild, renew and reset their lives.

The idea for the launch of this product was a collaboration between April and her daughters: Sherral, Sherrin, Sianda and Shaquess. Each of them brings a wealth of knowledge on how they received a second chance in life. Second Chance Last Opportunity, a non-profit organization was established in 1995. April personally received a second chance in life that prompted her to start Second Chance Last Opportunity, Inc. Over the past 20 years, Second Chance Last Opportunity has provided services and programs to many individuals and families from all walks of life in Southwest Florida.

Our March 24, 2018 initiative is encouraging all across the country to gather for a day of expression and appreciation in their communities. It will be a time for individuals to express pride in their accomplishments with family and friends, wearing the specially designed T-shirts.

The organization’s new tagline/logo, I Got A Second Chance, was designed by April and is trademarked. The t-shirts are available to purchase at http://secondchancelastopportunity.org/store and will be worn as a bonding and inspirational tool for all those celebrating their second chance before, in the month of March and beyond.


More information can be found on SCLO’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/SecondChanceLastOpportunity/.


SCLO’s mission is to provide a variety of educational training programs, street outreach, and inspirational youth programming to at-risk teens, teen mothers, low-income families and the homeless who face multiple health, social and economic challenges.

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About April Glasco

After experiences as a Corrections Officer at the Manatee County Sheriff Department, as a Juvenile Detention Case Worker at the Department of Juvenile Justice, and as a Tech at Manatee Glens Hospital, April Glasco opened a convenience store in the heart of Sarasota’s Newtown, a historically black community which continually struggles with big-city issues like crime, drugs, domestic violence, and unemployment. From her vantage point, April watched young people make bad choices and ruin their lives. She decided to do something about this and closed her storefront, giving away its contents, and in 1995 re-opened it as Second Chance-Last Opportunity, a hands-on intervention center. Since then, SCLO programs have grown to include life-management skills training, parenting skills training, counseling, mentoring, HIV-AIDS education and counseling, summer and after-school youth programs, food, clothing and shelter referrals, and holiday meals and food distribution.

April’s commitment to her clients is unwavering. She saw a tremendous need in her community, and devised a plan to meet that need. Instead of handing out charity, April is on the streets, looking for, finding, and then helping people who need what she, her small staff and volunteers can offer – respect, counseling, training, and high expectations to help individuals meet their potential. The goal is to give people the skills and confidence that will enable them to make positive choices and build a better future for themselves and their families. The positive effect this organization has had on the people of Newtown is remarkable and demonstrable.

April went back to college part-time in 2004 and graduated in May 2008 with a BA in Human Development as part of Eckerd College’s Experienced Learners’ Degree Program. She received her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Webster University in December 2011. This formal education, added to April’s innate compassion, street smarts, drive, and faith in human potential, ensures that Second Chance-Last Opportunity successfully continues in the community for as long as there are people who need a helping hand, committed staff and volunteers who assist her, and generous donors and foundations who help fund the programs.

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