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I Am That I Am

I Am That I Am

Through Second Last Opportunity`s (SCLO) Sisters Circle`s program, women and teenage girls receive tools and skills to navigate their difficult situations by learning the I AM THAT I AM pledge.

The I AM THAT I AM pledge says: “ I am that I am because this is how I see myself. I see myself as the women that I thought I couldn’t be. I am that I am, Strong, Brilliant and Powerful. I will no longer see myself the way people want me to be.”

This pledge was created by SCLO`s CEO April Glasco to empower women and teenage girls to know their self -worth, as well as to build up their self -confidence up during their personal crisis situations. Completing the Sisters Circle`s 6 weeks program successfully also helps them to focus more on themselves.

When the women and teenage girls repeatedly recite the I AM THAT I AM pledge, it reinforces their belief that they are strong, brilliant and powerful individuals in spite of their ongoing crisis situations which may include but is not limited to, their living conditions, being unemployed, engaging in unhealthy relationships, loss of a loved one, and anything else that holds them back from a productive life.

We have seen the positive effects of this powerful pledge throughout this year, since its introduction.

Second Chance Last Opportunity believes that this activity will encourage the women and teenagers to take ownership of their behaviors, and give them an ongoing visual aid to keep them on track with all that they learn in the classes. These women and teenagers’ girls will also have this visual tool to share their experiences with their peers and family family members. Wearing the shirt, writing in the personal Journal and carrying a tote bag will prompt questions and initiate dialogues that will help the wearers engage in meaningful conversations and reinforce again the lessons learned in Sisters Circle. The I Am That I Am T-shirt can be purchased here.