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Volunteer For I Got A Second Chance

‘I Got A Second Chance’ T-Shirt Day is scheduled for the month of March  a national project of service  event for those who received a second chance to share with the world and celebrate.  They and those who support them are encouraged to wear an ‘I Got A Second Chance’ T-Shirt and gather together expressing pride at their accomplishments with family and friends, at places of worship, and through speaking engagements.

April Glasco, Founder and CEO of Second Chance-Last Opportunity says she “personally received a second chance in life that prompted me to start this non-profit 29 years ago.  We provide services and free empowerment and life skill programs to those who want another opportunity to make something of their lives and build a stable future for themselves and their families.  So many people have benefited from their second chance at life and I felt it was time we all acknowledge our achievements, encouraging others to make a fresh start too.”

The organization’s new tagline/logo, I Got A Second Chance, was designed by April and is trademarked. The t-shirts are available to purchase at and will be worn as a bonding and inspirational tool for all those celebrating their second chance before, in the month of March and beyond.
More information can be found on SCLO’s facebook page,
SCLO’s mission is to provide a variety of educational training programs, street outreach, and inspirational youth programming to at-risk teens, teen mothers, low income families and the homeless who face multiple health, social and economic challenge.


How To Host Your Own Event

Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance helps individuals to share and give testimonies on how they received a second chance! I put together this guide on how to get started in your own community.

STEP 1: Planning a Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance in your community

STEP 2: Publicize your Celebration to Build Awareness and Recruit!

STEP 3: The Month of March of  Celebrations: How to Have a Powerful Event



STEP 1: PLANNING   Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance in your community. First, check here to see if there is a celebration already happening in your area. If you are interested in helping to plan with them, it is your choice. If there is no event currently planned for your area, you can start organizing your own!


Take the lead by creating an event here:  Create an Event!

IF YOU ARE CREATING THIS EVENT IN THE LINK ABOVE: Use the following naming convention: <<STATE ABBREVIATION – CITY –  Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance >>, i.e.: NJ – Scotch Plains – a Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance
Pick a location and time
Remember, these events are taking place in the month of March.  Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance start and end times will vary across the country. Most events or projects will start in the morning (7am/10am) and conclude by 12pm and midnight.


Choosing a location

You should hold your project in a central location in your community. Projects should be accessible to as many people as possible, which will make it more likely for larger attendance of supporters and that press covers (an options) the project. Think through locations with good visibility – to either pedestrians, mass transit or auto traffic – this will allow you to connect with as many people as possible. Additional location considerations
You need to know if the location is public or private and what requirements exist to hold an event in that space. It is important that you know your rights regarding the use of space, whether you are organizing project on a college campus or in a clubhouse.
If you don’t have a location confirmed yet, you can still create your event and begin recruiting. Leave the address line as RSVP for details and you can get in touch with everyone who signs up once the location is finalized but make this your top priority.


Identify Community Partners in Your Area

If other groups have already reached out to participate in the project, connect with them and identify how each group can help contribute to the event. You may also want to identify other coalition partners in your area and invite them to participate.


Room Rental

You may need a place to meet and gather volunteers before the event; if this is necessary to the success of your event, look for community centers or churches nearby, as they can often offer affordable or discounted rates for non-profits.


Event Production Lead

This role is helpful for events with more than 75 attendees. Typically, for an event like this you would expect 1⁄2 of the number of signed up guests to show up, however with the momentum behind this issue and the power of youth leadership, you should be prepared for the potential of more people showing up than have RSVP’d. For planning an event with more than 150 sign-ups, a production lead can be helpful. The production lead will work with a local vendor to set-up some sort of amplification system and/or a stage.


Event Promotion Lead

This person is focused on making sure the most people possible in the community hear about your event. The more people hear about the event, the more buzz it will create and the more people will show up at your event! How will your community hear that your event is happening and get the details such as date, time and location? Be creative and think through all the ways people learn about events in your local area!
○ Use your school or school district’s system for getting in touch with parents.
○ Use your local sports teams and local celebrities.
○ Use your faith Institutions.
○ Hang flyers up in sanctioned flyer areas in your community. Social media and day-to-day conversations are also powerful tools for communicating your event details to your community. Make sure everyone involved in planning the event share the details on their social channels and tell their friends.


Media Lead

Assign someone to contact local media to ensure they know about the time and location of your event. There are talking points and a press release included in the appendix to help you amplify your event in your local media. Alerting your local paper, TV and radio stations will help promote your event and build your crowd!

Post Your “Let’s Celebrate Your Second Chance” on for the month of March on your social media, Fackbook, Instagram and etc.